List of Books Printed at the Press

Reflections on Gardening  by Henry Mitchell (2017)

Poems from Cathay translated by Ezra Pound (2016)

A Shape of Water by W S Merwin (2014)

Joy Dogs by  Mary Ann Taylor-Hall (2013)

No Fool No Fun by Gray Zeitz (2012)

Three Poems by Walt Whitman (2011)

Harvests by Janet Lembke (2010)

Twenty-Four Old Regulars by Maurice Manning (2009)

The Mad Farmer Poems by Wendell Berry (2008)

Airs and Angels by Peter Fallon (2007)

Pleasure by James Baker Hall (2007)

Three Essays by David Kline (2006)

In Time and Place by Hayden Carruth (2006)

The Farm by Wendell Berry (2005)

Some Rules of the Game, Essays on Garden Design by Sir Francis Bacon, Henry Mitchell and Roger Swain (2004)

A Useful Dog by Donald McCaig (2004)

Window Poems by Wendell Berry (2003)

Nonsense Cookery by Edward Lear (2002)

A Beekeeping Diary of Early Summer by Colin Franklin (2002)

Thinking Like a Prairie by Maurice Telleen (2001)