Down a winding gravel lane, on a small hillside farm in Appalachia, lies the Press on Scroll Road. We raise sheep here, keep a large market garden, and hope to make a book a year.

We handset type and print on a pair of Ostrander Seymour iron handpresses. The papers we choose are most typically handmade.

Our books, I suppose, reflect our interests in good writing, intelligent authors, books, and farming. But categories are always difficult. Perhaps their best description and the one we prefer is eclectic. Our authors include Wendell Berry, Gene Logsdon, Colin Franklin, Maury Telleen, Donald McCaig, David Kline, Peter Fallon, Maurice Manning and Janet Lembke.

We try to live and farm here in ways that are at once simple, quiet and elegant. Our books, we hope, also reflect these qualities.

They can be found in the libraries of such institutions as Columbia University, University of Delaware,  Indiana University, University of Iowa, University of Kentucky, Simon Fraser University, Smith College, Wake Forest University, Washington University, Wellesley College, and Yale University, as well as in many private collections.

Articles regarding the work of the press have appeared in Parenthesis 7, Parenthesis 11, Parenthesis 17, Parenthesis 23 and in Private Library (Fifth Series, Volume 8:3, Autumn 2005).

Photographs courtesy of Jeanne Van Atta, Greg Ricker, Annie Schlecter and Sarah Scott.