As I reflect upon our decision of a few years ago to move from our hillside farm in the Appalachian foothills to a bungalow in urban Cleveland Heights, Ohio, I know it was, though difficult, the right one.  We do after all begin to run down, and the the day-to-day demands of the farm don't.

Books are of course the common thread and constant between the farm and the bungalow.  And we will continue to print books in our iron handpress from handset type on handmade papers, books that are recognized as quiet and elegant, and the texts in a word, eclectic, reaching across from Ezra Pound to Wendell Berry to Colin Franklin. 

These books can be found in the libraries of many fine institutions such as Columbia University, Yale University, University of Delaware, Washington University, University of Iowa,  as well as in many private collections.  

Articles regarding the work of the press have appeared in Parenthesis 7, Parenthesis 11, Parenthesis 17, Parenthesis 23 and in Private Library (Fifth Series, Volume 8:3, Autumn 2005).

Photographs courtesy of Jeanne Van Atta, Greg Ricker, Annie Schlecter and Sarah Scott.